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The Salar Electricity and Industry Company could establish two very advanced industrial and production units in Tehran – Shams Abad industrial town by utilizing the most modern existing technology in the world and based on the very advanced, accurate, and sensitive machineries and using the knowledge and experience of educated experts. This industrial unit with its high production power can produce different kind of lighting, telescopic, octahedral, and tubular towers, distribution and decorative equipment, and all Iraq basis which are in consistent with the criterions of distribution and regional electricity companies of Iran as well as the electricity company of Iraq.

The Salar Electricity and Industry Company has started its activities since 1985. It initially has started its activity by producing the carpentry and metalwork equipment such as triple task circle saw, bigness, milling machine, scissor, guillotine, roller, machinery, and turnery tools.

It has directed its products to distribution tools since 1991 and has been equipped to a 7-meter galvanized tub in 2005.

In 2008, a factory with the area of 5000 square meters beside the current factory was purchased and currently the area of Shams Abad factory is 10000 square meters.

In2009, the production line of lighting towers was imported from the Europe which is one the most equipped one in its kind.

This company could obtain all ISO standards (9001-2008, 10003-2007, 10002-2004, 10001-2007) from TUF Intersertof Germany which are valid until 2017. Also, the company could be inserted into the list of productive suppliers of Power ministry (vendor list of Tavanir, Tehran electricity, Regions of Tehran province, and Alborz province) in 2012.

The company also has continuously attended in domestic and foreign expos in successive years.

As the company could obtain the title of paramount producer of lighting towers and distribution equipment in 2013 in 12th international electricity expo of Tehran and could receive the golden statue and appreciation bred from the honorable power minister in person.

It should be explained that the company could present three kinds of new towers and bases in 2013 which they had no analogous not only in Iran but also in Europe and in 2014 could present two new lighting tower in 14th expo.



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